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 Standing by the North Fuhe Avenue in Nanchang, the magnificent pavilion also regarded as ”The Number One Pavilion of XiJiang” is located at the convergent point of Ganjiang River and the old Fu River. Its splendor and majesty was lauded by Wang Bo, the leader of the four excellences in early Tang Dynasty, in one of his masterpieces “Preface to Tengwang Pavilion”, and thus has been famous throughout the world as well as maintained the glory with the years going.

Tengwang Pavilion is one of “the three most famous pavilions in the south of Yangtze River” together with Yuyang Pavilion of Yuyang City in Hunan Province, Tengwang Pavilion of Nanchang City in Jiangxi Province, and Huanghe Pavilion of Wuhan City in Hubei Province. The current Tengwang Pavilion was rebuilt according to “Blueprint of Tengwang Pavilion Reuilding Project” accomplished by Mr. Liang Sicheng in 1985. The rebuilding was finished on the 8th October, 1989. Since then, Tengwang Pavilion has been the landmark architecture of Nanchang city.

The inside of Tengwang pavilion is splendidly decorated. There are various art and antique exhibitions at each floor. It is an artistic palace hall full of art pieces with the theme of the pavilion. Look far into the distance on the top floor, people will be strongly moved by a most magnificent view where the skyline and horizon are merged.

After finishing the rebuilt of Tengwang Pavilion, the construction of facilities around it kept going. Now there becomes a garden that is ideal for people to take walk with among flourish grass and luxuriant flowers. And with the improvements of the nearby neighborhoods, the “Archaizing Street” has become the first choice for people who take interest in Chinese calligraphy and paintings, antiques and artistic items.

Public Transportation Routes
Bus Route No.2, 7, 8, 12, 20 and 26 from Nanchang downtown to Tengwang pavilion Station.

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